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Bematek Bematek

Leading Innovation in Homogenizing, Emulsifying, and Dispersing

Now a part of EnSight Solutions and continuing to serve the industry as a leading innovator, Bematek offers more than a half-century of experience in high-shear, inline mixer, and colloid mill design. Inspiring process industry innovation and delivering solutions to meet the increasingly complex manufacturing demands of advanced industrial and consumer products is why EnSight and Bematek joined together. We help you simplify scale-up, improve efficiencies and provide confidence in quality by specializing in solids-in-liquid dispersions and liquid-in-liquid emulsions as well as deagglomerating, blending, and homogenizing.

Needing a total high-shear solution? Bematek integrates extremely well with industry leading Likwifier to provide unique process improvements.

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