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Bolt-On Bearing & Seal Housing Likwifier

The Likwifier bolt-on bearing and seal housing offers a number of advantages.

When you need to replace bearings or seals, your maintenance personnel may remove the bolt-on housing from underneath the blender.

Another option is to purchase a spare housing with the seals, shafts and bearings assembled and ready to be installed. This will decrease your plant down time during the maintenance period.

Our bolt-on housing comes with a customized hydraulic lift that will assist you in removing or installing the housing. The stand features two vertical support arms that attach to the housing.

The bolt-on housing is available with standard seals or water flush seals.

High Speed Blending with Zero Seal Maintenance

Bolt-On Bearing & Seal Housing
  • Bolt-On Bearing & Seal Housing
  • Bolton Seal
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