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Cook/Cool Control Systems Likwifier

Convenient Touch Screen Controls

The Likwifier cooking and cooling control system simplifies consistent temperature and timing sequences from batch to batch and recipe to recipe. The PLC based system is housed in a stainless steel control panel.

Convenient touch screen controls for:

  • Valve Activation
    • Soft Water Valve
    • Steam Valve
  • Impeller Motor Operation & Speed
  • Recipe Storage & Editing
  • Alarm Conditions

The OVERVIEW screen shows a pictorial view of all motorized valves in the system. The screen shows the valve ID and indicates its status. Static arrows show the operator the directional flow of the system.


HOA screen (Hand or [MANUAL] OFF and AUTO mode). The system is best designed for use in the AUTO mode. This screen allows the operator to control each valve independently (valve must be in the MANUAL mode position).


Provides the operator control and access to both motors and provides information on each of the drives. Controls Scraper motor and the blade direction. Controls the impeller, its speed setting, and provides the operator actual speed and AMP usage.


Recipe management is easy with our touch screen control system. Operator simply selects the recipe to run from the screen. The batch can be started or cancelled from the same screen.

Once the batch is complete, a screen will appear asking if the system should continue to maintain the COOL temperature set point or go back to an idle mode to be ready for a NEW batch command.

Select the recipe to edit from the edit screen.

Water Control Valve

Water Control screen provides “status” of the SOFT WATER VALVE while it is in the Auto mode. It can also provide manual control of the valve when it is set to Manual mode.

Steam Control Valve

Status of the STEAM CONTROL VALVE while it is in the Auto mode is provided on the Steam Control Valve screen. When the valve is set to Manual mode, it provides manual control.

Alarm conditions are accessed from any screen that displays an ALARM SCREEN bar.


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