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Direct Drive Blenders LDT & LDTR Models Likwifier

Dissolve and Disperse Viscous Solids and Semi-Solids in Less Than 5 Minutes. We can custom design 10 to 1,600 gallon capacity Likwifiers to meet your specific operation.

LDT Square Vessel & LDTR Round Vessel

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The Likwifier is designed to dissolve solids or semi-solids where time, temperature and complete hydration are important. Originally developed to dissolve natural gums and synthetic thickeners used in the manufacture of frozen desserts, the Likwifier dissolves and disperses virtually any food product more efficiently and completely than any other system available. The unit will put into solution, not just suspension, products that can be dissolved by agitation.

The benefits of the Likwifier include:

  • dissolving soluble products in less than 5 minutes
  • complete hydration, total product liquefaction
  • reduce waste at strainers and tank bottoms
  • the complete disbursement of insoluble particles in water or non-aqueous media.

The following products can be processed by the Likwifier at high concentrations and in a very few minutes:

  • stabilizing gums
  • emulsifiers
  • flours
  • cocoas
  • yeast
  • powdered eggs
  • starches
  • condiments
  • caseinates
  • juice concentrates
  • food purees
  • whey solids
  • milk solids
  • frozen products

Likwifiers are being used in the food industries to manufacture ice cream mixes, candies, reconstituted products, canned condiments, sauces, salad dressing, fillings, instant breakfast, and many other similar items.

Ice Cream Re-run

Ice Cream re-run is automatically pumped from filler nozzle or from in front of a fruit feeder to the Likwifier. The re-run is then economically converted to mix and piped immediately to the flavor vats and back to the freezers.

Likwifier vessels are stainless steel, 12 gauge type 304, 150 grit, No. 4 finish on product contact surfaces, heavy-duty stainless steel impeller and quick assembly impeller to motor coupling.

Legs are schedule 40, 304 stainless pipe. Adjustable ball feet furnished on all models.

Motors are specially designed, wafer thin electric motor, fan cooled with double thrust ball bearings, wired for 3 phase, 60 cycle, 230-460 volt current. C-Face and higher HP motors are available depending on blending size and viscosity.


  • Custom-designed machines available, please inquire
  • Insulated Temp-Plate for heating and cooling.
  • Spray ball for in-place cleaning.
  • Dial thermometers or RTD probe.
  • All product contact surfaces – 316 or 316L stainless steel. Square manway.
  • ASME Certification for Temp-Plate.

Dimensions of Series LDT Single Speed Direct Drive Square Vessel


* Add 4 5/8″ to dim. A when jacketed with heat transfer temp-plate and insulation
** Weight (lbs.) with motor
C and D equipped with clamp-type fittings.
Prices on larger sizes and special accessories available on request.
Manway is round.
Sizes up to 1,600 U.S. gallons available based upon application.
Ship weight includes motor.


Dimensions of Series LDTR Single Speed Direct Drive Round Vessel


  • Construction: 304SS. 150 grit No. 4 finish-product surfaces
  • Options: CIP assembly, vent assembly, thermowell 316/316L contact surfaces/insulated temp-plate for heating and cooling on sidewall and/or cone, ASME certification, Electrical controls


Typical LOR Motor/Impeller Sizing

10 inch Impeller
20 HP – 1,800 RPM Standard – Top Speed
40 HP – 2,400 RPM Optional
40/20 HP – 2,400/1,200 RPM Optional

12 inch Impeller
25 HP – 1,800 RPM Standard- Top Speed
50 HP – 2,400 RPM Optional
50/25 HP – 2,400/1,200 RPM Optional


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