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Food and Beverage Bematek

Bematek transfers knowledge and delivers inline mixer and colloid mill solutions for food processing…not just a machine.

We offer a patented Shear Management and Mix Control Technology that supports constant change, trends, and process challenges in the industry. Our innovative machines address multi-functional processes within an individual plant for deagglomerating, emulsifying, dispersing and hydrating, or dissolving and blending a variety of ingredients without over-or-under mixing.

The Modular Engineered Platform allows emulsifier mix chamber or homogenizing mill chambers to be easily swapped out for a specific process requirement. This modular design makes customization simple and cost effective.

Bematek mixers and mills make adding ingredients and producing a consistent, smooth, homogeneous, stable product very efficient. The sanitary inline mixer or colloid mill will support your hygiene requirements and can be precisely configured for any present or future application, helping inspire your process innovation for a variety of food products, including salad dressings, condiments, spreads, and yogurts.

Food and Beverage
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