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LOR & LOS Series Likwifier

2200 RPM HIGH SPEED Likwifier™

Belt Drive

For a Quarter of a Century the World’s Most Preferred Blender for Highly Viscous Products From Cheese Slurries to Whey Concentrates from Tomato Paste to Gum Concentrates, the Likwifier™ Delivers Homogeneity in Less Than 5 Minutes.

Feature for Feature, No Other Blender Compares with Likwifier™

  • Dissolves and mixes diverse products more efficiently than any other blender
  • Complete hydration; any soluble product dissolved in 5 minutes or less
  • Unique blending, dissolving and dispersing action gets every ounce
  • Vast range of applications; more being added each day

Standard Construction

12 gauge, type 304 stainless No. 4 polished, skirted around bottom for more efficient water runoff.
Locking stainless steel ball feet, adjustable
12 gauge stainless steel, No. 4 polished, 24-inch diameter
Stainless steel, No. 4 polished, fixed.
Impeller Agitation
Threaded for quick release from coupling by one person.
Impeller Agitation Drive
Belt driven by totally enclosed, fan cooled, side mounted motor, easy removability.
3-inch outlet, 2-inch inlet, tri-clamp ferrules

Approximate Motor Specifications

LOR-100 10 Inch Impeller
20 HP – 1,800 RPM Standard
40 HP – 2,200 RPM Optional
40/20 HP – 2,200/1,100 RPM Optional

LOR-200 12 Inch Impeller
25 HP – 1,800 RPM Standard
50 HP – 2,200 RPM Optional
50/25 HP – 2,200/1,100 RPM Optional

LOR-300 12 Inch Impeller
40 HP – 1,800 RPM Standard
60 HP – 2,200 RPM Optional
60/30 HP – 2,200/1,100 RPM Optional

HP is general and is decided on final viscosity and impeller size.

Specifications and Dimensions of Series LOR Belt Drive Round Vessel


* B Dimension estimate, height varies based on belt guard size
Squat designs also availabel for 200, 300, 400 & 500 gallon units


Specifications and Dimensions of Series LOS Belt Drive Square Vessel


Add 4 5/8″ when jacketed with heat transfer temp-plate and insulation ” Weight (Ibs.) with motor

CONSTRUCTION: 304 Stainless Steel, 150 Grit No. 4 Finish on product surfaces, Stainless Steel Impeller threaded for quick removal, Belt driven by totally enclosed fan cooled side mounted C-Face motor, easy removability

OPTIONS: CIP Assembly, Tri-Clamp vent assembly, Thermowell with dial thermometer or RTD Probe, 316/316L contact surfaces, Square manway, Insulated temp-plate for heating and cooling on side wall and/ or cone, ASME Certification for temp-plate and electrical controls


Typical LOR Motor/Impeller Sizing

10 inch Impeller
20 HP – 1,800 RPM Standard
40 HP – 2,400 RPM Optional
40/20 HP – 2,400/1,200 RPM Optional

12 inch Impeller
25 HP – 1,800 RPM Standard
50 HP – 2,400 RPM Optional
50/25 HP – 2,400/1,200 RPM Optional

Proper Methods for Dispersing and Hydrating Hydrophillic Stabilizers

Breddo Likwifier Dispersing and Hydrating Hydrophillic Stabizers - youtube Video

High Shear Mayonnaise Blending Video

Breddo Likwifier Mayonnaise Blending Video - youtube Video

Hydrating Concentrated Pectin Blends Video

Breddo Likwifier Pectin Blend Video - youtube Video

Hydratiom of Tomato Paste Video

Breddo Likwifier Tomato Paste Hydration Video - youtube Video

LOR Heavy Duty 2200 rpm High Speed Likwifier

LOR & LOS Series
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