LORSS Series Likwifier

Temperature Controlled Scraped Surface
Icing Cooker & Mixer
A World-Class Blender That Delivers High-Speed Blending with Scraped Surface Heat Transfer in One Vessel

Unique Built-in Scraping Unit Allows Rapid Heat Transfer Reducing Burn-on

The Likwifier Plus icing Cooker & Mixer is a self contained unit designed to cook and mix icings and glazes in one third the time of conventional methods.

Designed for the safety of the operator, it eliminates the handling or transfer of scalding syrup from the cooker to the mixing machine.

Cooking vessel is insulated for efficient cooking and to prevent heat transfer from the cooking chamber to the exterior surface.


  • Special Material: Standard 0.25″ 316L product surfaces
  • Heat Transfer Surface: Type 316L stainless steel Temp-plate® heat transfer surface designed for 125 psi ASME at 450 deg. F. On shell and bottom cone.
  • Insulation: 2″ Insuwool insulation on shell and bottom cone. Outlet: 3″ clamp type ferrule.
  • Casters: Four casters, two swivel and two rigid with brakes mounted on special base plates. Available for 50-100 gallon units.
  • Top Head: SBC split lids – 50 to 200 gallon size. Dome head with manway – 200 gallon and above.
  • Available Sizes: 50 – 500 gallons.


  • Variable frequency controls “NEMA 4” electrical controls mounted in a stainless steel cabinet. 100 through 500 gallon units only.
  • A/C variable frequency drive system with operator’s panel. A/C inverter mounted in a NEMA 12 (or NEMA 4X) enclosure and operator’s panel in NEMA 4X.

LORSS with Detachable Lids


Standard: Two 2″ clamp style inlets; one 3″ clamp style outlet. Dimple heat transfer is rated for 125 psi ASME certified. 0.25 3 I GL product contact surface.

Optional 4″ clamp style outlet on 200 gallon and larger.

sbc detachable lids

LORSS with Domehead and Manway


Standard: Two 2″ clamp style inlets; one 3″ clamp style outlet. 18-inch diameter manway. Dimple heat transfer is rated for 125 psi ASME certified. 0.25 316L product contact surface.

Optional 4″ clamp style outlet.

domehead with manway


Typical LOR Motor/Impeller Sizing

10 inch Impeller
20 HP – 1,800 RPM Standard
40 HP – 2,200 RPM Optional
40/20 HP – 2,200/1,100 RPM Optional

12 inch Impeller
25 HP – 1,800 RPM Standard
50 HP – 2,200 RPM Optional
50/25 HP – 2,200/1,100 RPM Optional

HP is general and is decided on final viscosity and impeller size. 14″ impeller is available based on size of blender and HP needed.

Proper Methods for Dispersing and Hydrating Hydrophillic Stabilizers

Breddo Likwifier LORSS Cooker Mixer icing system

Breddo Likwifier Temperature controlled holding tank

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LORSS Series
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