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Model 3AP Patty Former Bridge Machine Company

Up to 4,200 patties per hour

EnSight’s 3AP is truly an all-in-one Patty Former that offers three incredible features. Not only does it form a distinct home-style, gourmet patty, it also tenderizes the product providing a perfect bite and texture. The third extraordinary feature is that this patty former interleaves paper between the individual patties as it uniformly stacks the product. As with all EnSight formers, the 3AP does not use any vacuum forming. Instead, top-of-the-line mold plates ensure an unsurpassed final product.

  • USDA accepted
  • Stainless steel T-304 construction
  • 2-HP motor
  • High-speed rotating propeller
  • Round turntable
  • Product takeaway conveyor
  • 200-lb. infeed hopper
  • Paper interleaved between patties
  • Pick-head assembly for automatic scoring of patties
  • Complete controls with Allen Bradley components
  • Removable electrical box for ease of sanitation
  • Variable-speed operation
  • Various operating voltages
Model 3AP Patty Former
  • Model 3AP Patty Former
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