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With a new, larger facility, Bematek has laboratory capabilities that address our customer’s validation needs for particle size reduction and blending. Bematek’s Laboratory provides complete product testing for the purpose of manufacturing specific products in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, and cosmetic manufacturing industries. Products such as lotions, creams, foods, lubricants, and purees require precise blending and homogenization.

We can offer onsite milling and wet-mixing for high- and low-shear blending of emulsions and dispersions, and we can provide scale-up to full production consultation with the ability to produce actual material samples, significantly enhancing your first-pass success rate.

  • Partnering for Best Results – The best way to begin a long-lasting business relationship is in the lab, combining hands-on equipment training with comprehensive testing. We are focused on fully understanding your process requirements and pain points, making sure that we develop the right solution to meet equipment performance needs. Not only will we provide the highest quality equipment, we back it with long-term service excellence.
  • Facility Capability – Our test lab facility is fully equipped with the tools and instruments necessary to evaluate the feasibility of a proposed application. Measuring and test equipment include qualitative particle size analysis, viscosity analysis, sieves, etc. Additional items include tanks, hoppers, pumps, variable speed drives, etc., oven dryers, microwaves, refrigeration, scales etc. The customer will be supplied with a detailed test report and product samples. Equipment recommendations will be provided in the report unless further testing is suggested, or sample analysis is required prior to final equipment solution presentation.
  • Confidentiality Policy – Bematek is engaged in the development, design, production, and marketing of products that involve confidential technology. Having gone through the “Patent Process” we understand the need to reciprocate a strict confidentiality policy. If you require a non-disclosure agreement please contact us
  • Environmental and Health Safety – Bematek is proud of our “zero-claims” safety record and any unsolicited shipments of test materials will NOT be accepted. Upon review of the completed form an Application Specialist will contact you, all MSDS sheets must be submitted for review by Bematek before the shipment of any test material can be authorized.
  • Visitor Welcome Package – To find out more about the Test Lab Program, call us at 877-Bematek (236-2835) to discuss your needs with an application engineer. Please take a moment of your time to complete the Bematek Process Application Questionnaire to help us expedite your inquiry.

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Test Lab
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