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The primary goal for Bematek is to create successful, long-term partnerships with our manufacturing customers who have product innovation built in their DNA. We also realize the challenges and concerns associated with initial capital investments. We are so sure that our process solutions will meet your particle size reduction, homogenizing, and emulsifying needs that we will give you the opportunity to take our knowledge leadership and equipment for a test drive.

Please take the time to learn more about our creative ways to get technology excellence built into your research programs or full-scale production.

To find out more about the Trial and Purchase Advantage Programs, call Bematek at 877-236-2835.

  • Trial Program – Bematek encourages live testing and trial programs for our customers. When a significant investment is about to be made, and your reputation is on the line, you need to evaluate the equipment on-site, in the real world, not from the boardroom. You won’t get an accurate picture of how the system performs in the boardroom, because in the boardroom everything works perfectly.If you prefer to have more control over the evaluation process, consider our trial program which provides an opportunity to thoroughly evaluate the effectiveness of Bematek’s equipment in your own facility. Such on-site testing under actual processing conditions, facility parameters, and employee participation can prove to be helpful in determining your exact process equipment needs.
  • Trial with Purchase Advantage – The Purchase Advantage is two-fold, first should you decide to purchase the equipment it is already installed and ready for production. Secondly a credit based upon a percentage of your paid trial fees is applicable towards the purchase price. This allows for a low monthly fee and minimal capital investment up front to assure your peace-of-mind equipment selection. Based upon special program details, the credit may apply even if you need to scale-up or down depending upon your process determination.
Trial Program
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