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Three Considerations for Further Processing

October 29, 2020

Jeff Broussard

Whether you’re molding chicken nuggets into fun, kid-friendly shapes or crafting the perfect meatball, odds are you’re using further processing to achieve a consistent end-product. Also known as “forming,” further processing is the method of adding a binder to a product and transforming it into a design or shape. While meat and poultry are common products that incorporate further processing, we’ve also helped customers form starches, vegetables, rice cakes, protein bars, and even pet treats. No matter the final consumable you’re creating, your forming equipment should meet the demands of production without sacrificing the recipe your customers know and love.

Further Processing Considerations

  1. Texture & Recipe

Most of our customers’ top priority is to maintain their product’s made-from-scratch, homestyle quality while increasing operational efficiency. Our Bridge line of equipment can accomplish both tasks. With over 60 years of service in the food processing industry, Bridge’s legacy is built on engineering creative solutions that never sacrifice quality, safety, or reliability. Our professionals are ready to help you integrate durable, sanitary equipment, and we can custom-design our machines to help ensure your end-product stays true to your recipe.

For example, a customer came to us looking for a replacement part to a Bridge machine they’ve had since 1964. Through some research, we were able to find a drawing of the part and replicate it. Our customers understand that equipment isn’t cheap, so the longer they can run it, the better the return on investment (ROI) they’ll gain. We’re committed to all the ingredients of your success and invite you to bring us your biggest food challenges.

  1. Sanitation

A big concern among those in the food industry is sanitation. In the past four to five years, there has been an uptick in foreign material showing up in products, resulting in recalls from major food suppliers. Selecting equipment that’s designed to mitigate contamination risks is key to preserving not only the quality of your product but your brand and reputation.

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We strive to stay on the cutting edge of technology regarding sanitation and hygienic design. This includes developing machines with minimal to no harborage zones, incorporating clean-in-place technology, getting rid of hollow tubes and parts when possible, and using stainless steel for our control panels. In addition, our designers and engineers periodically attend classes to keep them up to date on the latest sanitation innovations.

  1. Engineering & Controls

Further processing can be complex at times, often requiring multiple steps to accomplish the desired final product. However, sound engineering principles combined with the performance benefits electronic controls can provide advantages to your production line. These elements, when well-designed, decrease the number of employees needed, reduce your equipment footprint, add consistency and repeatability in your process, and improve overall safety within your plant. We understand that making your floor as efficient as possible starts with good communication. We work with each customer to understand their current process and what they’re trying to accomplish. Our professionals then employ their deep knowledge and experience to craft solutions that achieve the desired end result and increase ROI.

For example, one customer’s line was going to require 80 employees per shift to run. Through a series of conversations, iterations, designs, and concepts, we were able to reduce the required employees down to five. We know that anytime you can minimize internal labor, it will increase your profitability. While the engineering can be complex, the implementation doesn’t have to be. We work to do the heavy lifting for you by understanding the full scope of your needs so there’s minimal downtime on your part. We aim to be not only your service provider but an innovative partner behind the scenes.

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Whether you just want to integrate a piece of equipment that’s not ours or a full process makeover, our professionals work with you to address your functionality needs. Overall, our job is to create quality-designed machines that achieve consistent, repeatable processes and provide our customers with peace of mind that their solutions will last for years to come.

Further processing can transform your operations to create a high-quality, uniform final product that stays true to your unique recipe. Contact us today to see how EnSight Solutions can help.

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