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February 10, 2020

If you’re a leader at any level in food processing operations, you know that increasing efficiency and mitigating risk are top of mind. Leading equipment suppliers and support service providers in your industry understand you’re balancing labor concerns, hygiene standards, uptime, and return on investment. That’s why automation is emerging as a powerful solution that’s worth exploring.

Recent innovation in the automation arena isn’t just a product of technological advancement devoid of real-world application—it’s a response to processors struggling to meet growing demands under increased pressure.

EnSight Solutions is your trusted partner for integrated automated solutions, and we’re excited to offer industry-leading Stäubli robotics. Designed to strenuous hygiene standards, Stäubli systems are reliable, precise, and on par with IP67 washdown specs.

Our understanding of the industry, with experience in past and present processing applications, can help inform which robotics you choose for your automated solutions. Combine that with a reputation for quality custom sanitary equipment design and manufacturing, and EnSight is the clear choice.

If any of your lines have repetition that requires costly human labor, concerns with precise material handling, or significant uptime requirements, contact us today. You can also calculate your operation’s potential ROI with our ROI Calculator. We’re here to help.

For more information on Stäubli, visit www.staubli.com.


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