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Customized Food Processing Equipment

February 27, 2018

Do you feel like the right machine for your facility hasn’t been created yet? Perhaps it hasn’t, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for the wrong piece of equipment. Finding a commercial blender, conveyor, slitter, hopper, or dumper that meets your specific application requirements can be a challenge. Partnering with a custom manufacturing company will allow you to build customized food processing equipment that fits your goals exactly, saving you endless hours in your search for the ideal machine.

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Customized Food Processing Equipment

Variable Frequency Drives and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Whether you are looking for a blender, conveyor, or a slitter, consider adding on the capability to operate it at a variety of speeds. Of course, getting the job done quickly is a top priority, but accuracy is also important. If your operators are experienced, they should have the ability to control the production speed to ensure success. You can also choose to add on complete touchscreen controls to increase ease of use.

Hydraulic Operation

If you are searching for a dumper, slitter, flattener, or another piece of machinery that requires a large amount of power to operate, you can add hydraulic operation. Hydraulic machines use fluid power, which refers to pressurized fluids transferring power to different aspects of the machine (source). Hydraulically operated equipment allows for a large amount of power to be applied in relatively small packages efficiently. This is called high power density.

Capacity and Dimensions

Depending on how much product your facility processes in one load, it can be hard to find the right size commercial blender, dough trough, or hopper. To ensure that your equipment is the right size, share your desired capacity with your custom manufacturing company. That way, they can construct hoppers that meet your storage needs and blenders that are just the right size to mix your ingredients. Don’t waste extra money or space by purchasing machines that are too large.

Polished Surfaces and Removable Features

Cleaning your equipment shouldn’t be a challenge. When it comes to machines that carry a lot of product, look for the option to add on a polished finish that you can sanitize and clean easily. For conveyors, choose a polished interior surface, and for blenders and carts, add a polished tub interior to minimize bacteria harboring and ease in cleaning and sanitation.

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In addition to polished surfaces, machines that have removable parts are much easier to clean. If you are purchasing a slitter or meat tenderizer, you can customize your equipment with a lifting beam for knife shaft removal. Since keeping your machines clean is a top priority, always look for United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. These organizations do a great job of screening machines to ensure that they are built to remain sanitary with use.


Are you currently looking for customized food processing equipment? At EnSight Solutions, we specialize in designing and manufacturing the finest food processing and material handling equipment for the meat, poultry, and seafood industries. We welcome the challenge to create customized equipment that’s the ideal solution for your unique situation. So don’t be afraid to ask our creative engineers to solve your most difficult, complicated problems. Our goal is to make your dream machine designs become a reality, even if we need to create something that has not even been imagined yet.

To begin designing your ideal machine, contact your state’s EnSight Solutions Sales Specialist, send a message to info@ensightsolutions.us, or give us a call at 1-855-736-2195. The EnSight team has over 100 years of combined experience in the food processing industry. We’d love to collaborate with you on your next piece of equipment!

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